Deadbones doin’ a dance

There was apparently a little thunder buddy who tripped down the stairs, making 3 tiny booms instead one big boom. I’m sure they are a bit sheepish.

A couple years ago I drew some fan art for my favorite manga artist, Kazuya Minekura, who draws Saiyuki.

Oh the memories of Aywas

An old RP character, Kelli’s I think.

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More old pet site stuff, this time items. I loved drawing little critters.

I used to do art for pet sites. It was a lot of fun. I can’t really do it as much anymore.

Pokémon Team Type: Cotton Candy Fluff Cloud

Strong against: EVERYTHING

Weak against: NOTHING





upon further inspection the original anime had its fair share of creepy screenshots too

lookin’ good mamoru

There’s a difference between a shot that’s a close up of a character and looks strange for 2-10 seconds and 1 FRAME of someone turning their head. Not the same. Argument = Invalid.

Actually that’s what you idiots are fucking doing. If your actually watching Crystal in motion you can’t fucking see all this magically bad animation I keep fucking hearing about. It’s people taking 1 fucking frame of the anime, so stupid being a fucking idiot and use that as your excuse to say this is invalid.


1) You cursing doesn’t make your point any more serious. Calm down there, mate. A lot of us CAN see the bad animation, so when it comes out people will post it. The reason why it’s such a big deal is because people finding so many off model shots in one episode.

2) Let me grab you some STILL frames, shots that are longer than 1 frame, shots that stay focused on 1 character. That is different than a frame in motion:

Parts from Ep 3

Ep 2 and 3

Ep 2

*Note I didn’t use any far away shots, because those are off model so much it’s not really worth it.

3) As I stated before, the 90s anime was different because there were so many art directors AND it just came out so it didn’t have the luxury of an amazing budget until a couple seasons later. Note the shots above have an estimate of how long we stayed on that frame. It’s not a 1 frame turn, the camera stays on this shot until the next one. You’re mixing up frame from shot.

No but seriously guys.

The amount of off model is crazy.

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